Welcome to The Cool Thaumaturge!

My name is Wolf, or Hunter. Call me both if you want :)
Welcome to The Cool Thaumaturge, this blog is for my Ice wizard. Hunter Stormbreeze, Level 10 Ice wizard.
He is awesome! I'm training him to become a Warlord, after that? Legend! He will be called The Legendary Thaumaturge, So I'm keeping that name in my domain, for that time ;)
When that happens, enjoy the blogs reform! Okay, bye and enjoy the blog!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 2 of....The Cool Thaumaturge

Still reading? Great! TCT has made it alive, okay. Now to get it spreading.
Invite your friends! Share ume on YouTube!! Tweet me on Twitter! Spread the word!!
Do it now and contests, videos, games, and more will be added to the blog! Hunter promises!!

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